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It's time for sleep away Sword Camp in Austin!

WEIRD Open has prided itself for seven years on being a fun, welcoming event for HEMA enthusiasts of all levels to come together to safely hit each other, enjoy the magic of a giant slumber party, and fly the WEIRD flag high enough for the other WEIRD-os to find you.

Event rules: HERE

January 26th - 28th

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What's Happening This Year @ WEIRD?



Not only is it fun to see those at the top of their skills fight, but it offers a fantastic learning experience.  We will be hosting a Tier A invitational with participants from all over the country.  It's an opportunity to observe, cheer, and celebrate HEMA!


After the silly success of our inaugural HEMA-O-LYMPICS last year, we will be bringing it back with a whole new round of super serious challenges!  You'll have all day to stop by and test your skills!


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Fight for Fun!  Fight with Friends!  This year we are letting folks opt into a mystery dueling match-up!  You will have a colored ribbon corresponding to a weapon system with your name tucked on the inside.  Tie it around the tree and someone else can select your ribbon, track you down, and fight!

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