HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. As a whole, the community at large tends to focus on recreating martial arts systems used roughly from the 14th through the 18th century across many weapon systems.  Historical manuals are the main source of information and go into varying levels of detail.  These are used as a basis for understanding practices and their applications in the historical context in which they were created.

At Austin Historical Weapons Guild specifically, we treat the historical sources as a guideline for recreating a martial art. Primarily we study the Lichtenauer tradition, and because of that, we incorporate wrestling into the core of our training and martial curriculum. Dagger and messer are also given a focus as both reinforce the core concepts of our school program as well, of course, as is longsword.


Anthony Buonomo

Founder/Head Instructor


Anthony has been studying HEMA since 2014 though his martial arts training begins much before that with Eastern Martial Arts.  He brings a passion to teaching HEMA that pulls from both scholarly and movement sensibilities to create an empowering experience for students.

Phil Canzano


Phil began his love affair with HEMA about 2003 and is our resident expert on all things Italian.  Not only is Phil knowledgeable, but his enthusiasm for teaching others is evident in his generous teaching style that above all is aimed at his students succeeding.

In the meantime, we meet at these parks:

Bull Creek
6701 Lakewood Dr, Austin, TX 78731
Walnut Creek Park
12138 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753