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We love working with journalists and community organizations to craft interesting stories and/or events!  Contact us at


We were super pleased to host The Austin Chronicle in our space in February 2022 for an introduction to HEMA and what the Historical Weapons Guild is all about.  You can read the article HERE

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It's always nice to be recognized for not only bringing swords into the every day but also building a community.  It was wonderful to chat with the Northern Express and have a chance to share who we are.  You can read it HERE!


We had an opportunity to share our love of swords with 9 &10 reporters, Rachel Rademacher and Jeremy Erickson.  We talked about how to get involved with the school, add swords to your event, as well as just swing swords!



Historical Weapons Guild has long been a fan favorite with The Modern Rogue and over the years, we have made quite a few weapons videos with them (and one very popular mead video).  You can see the Buonomo list HERE and a totally serious ballet video with Anna HERE.



This is a truly fun and unique way to celebrate friendships, love, or challenge your nemesis!  Click HERE to learn about our Dagger Dates or HERE for all other event pricing.  Add swords to your special moment or simply choose swords to make any day thrilling!

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Get some info on who we are and what our story is by clicking HERE!  If you would like to know more, please reach out with questions at

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