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Come for the Swords...
Stay for the Swords.


All Your Burning Questions Answered Here

What is the difference in the tickets?

- Event Registration gets you into the event, a camping spot, food, and entrance into messer, longsword, and rapier events.

- Camping will let you come camp, eat, and cheer on your fighter without the competition side of things

- Sunday Only is for those who only want to attend our Sunday Funday with harness competition and will include entrance to the harness track.

Where do I sleep?

You will be permitted to set up a tent directly on the indoor soccer field, but be aware that you cannot stake the ground, so your tent must be able to be set up without stakes.  Also, keep in mind that we are trying to fit a lot of people in the space we have so keep your tent size reasonable.  You can also just curl up in a sleeping bag and drop anywhere.  

Will it be cold?

It isn't Michigan (but what is, right?  It's so awesome), but it will still be pretty chilly in January even in Austin, so pack accordingly with layers to keep you warm at night. We're in a tin building with no insulation -- when the lights go out the temperature indoors tends to feel like outdoors very quickly.

I have food allergies or dietary needs, will there be options for me?

Please shoot us an email at historicalwepaonsguild@gmail.com to let us know what your needs/allergies are and we will do our best to accommodate.

Can my friends/parents/pets come to watch me fight?

Yes to friends and parents, but pets gotta stay home.  We will have some space for spectators to enjoy a day of fighting and cheer on their favorite competitors. As always, spectators can come for free.  Bring a camp chair!

Ok, what is this HEMA-O-Lympics madness?

This will be our Saturday night event for fun and will have a few events that people can compete in including:

- HEMA obstacle course (footwork, longest lunge, and more)

- Bunny Fencing (what is that you ask? You and your opponent will have two balloons on their fencing masks, bunny ears if you will, and whoever can knock them off first wins. Serious stuff)

What is the WEIRD Weapons Track?

This requires the competitor to register for the WEIRD track and they will compete in S&B, longsword, and rapier.  They will then be seeded  by rank to do a final pool, where it's a single exchange with each weapon.

What is the rule set?

Weird Open is a single exchange event with large pools - with pools of at least 10 people, you will get at least 9 fights (single exchanges) per weapon. With a strong emphasis on not getting hit, winning each match is far more important than where you hit the other person.

Competitors in the WEIRD Track will compete in pools with each individual weapon but will have a fourth pool where each match will be a single exchange of messer, longsword, and rapier, one immediately following the other (meaning three exchanges with the same person).

What about this 3v3 event?

Each team will consist of one messer, one longsword, and one rapier.

If you're hit, you're out, last team standing wins. Matches will (likely) be a best of three. The event will be a simple single-elimination bracket (though if we have time/space/support, we can make that double elimination).