Another year, another WEIRD. Other than extending a warm welcome, we want to pass on a few thoughts concerning the mindset and conduct expected over the weekend.


Last year was wildly successful on many fronts, but we’re always looking to grow and do more and do better. During the tournaments, we had zero fight-ending injuries, despite having the first, and arguably craziest, dagger tournament in the league. I want to keep that record going this year as well. So I say this again:

BE SAFE! Seriously. We’re all here to have fun and hit each other with metal sticks, but there is no need to be antagonistic or otherwise unsafe.  This is at its heart, a competitive event. While that is great, we would like there to be a friendly feel that breeds good sportsmanship. We all know what that looks like. Congratulate opponents, share in victories, and support in defeats.  Most importantly, be aware of safety measures to avoid injuries. We all acknowledge that the sport we love is dangerous and possibly insane, but there’s no reason for -anyone- to get hurt. That said, accidents do happen, so let’s work together to minimize them and help everyone get home safely.


Beyond that, we are looking to create even more of a community feeling for this event. We will the same sleeping set up as last time (so bring a tent, or an air mattress and something warm). We will be having multiple vendors and hopefully some extra entertainment and fun Saturday night.


Have fun!

    - Austin Historical Weapons Guild


For a list of rules and a tentative schedule, go here.

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