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I started my HEMA Training by taking the Beginner and Intermediate HEMA courses at the Virginia Academy of Fencing in 2017. I competed in practise tournaments for German Longsword, Italian Rapier and Sword and Buckler. I placed in both the German Longsword and Italian rapier. I also joined and took classes in Italian Rapier and was a member of Capital Kunst des Fechtens in the Washington, DC area. I competed in my first beginner tournament in German Longsword in 2019. I entered my first regular national tournament at the Capitol Clash in 2020 in the Washington, DC area and competed at the Master's Level in both German Longsword and Italian Rapier. I placed in the German Longsword. A month after the tournament, Covid hit and I haven't practised or competed since. Because of my age and the physical abuse that competing in Longsword entails, I sold all my Longsword gear and am now focusing on Italian Rapier. I look forward to sparring and competing and learning new things and getting to know new people.

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