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State of the Guild - August 2020

Hello, fellow sword enthusiasts!

As we move along in this great unknown that is the Pandemic of 2020, we thought we’d drop a little update to give you an idea of where we are and where we see things going (as best we can).

As per our last blog update, we let you all know that we were no longer in the space off 183 & Burnet and while we hope to be on the hunt for a great space again as soon as the COVID climate allows, we are happy to announce that for now, we have limited operations out of Vigilante Gastropub & Games!

Preston Swincher, the owner of Vigilante (and a recent sword convert), has very graciously allowed us to film while he is shut down for safety reasons. It is our hope that as things improve, we are able to get back to having small and COVID ethical classes there until we can secure a more permanent home. You can see what those classes might look like with our COVID Response Guidelines HERE.

Until we can get back to even a new normal, we do have a few things in the works at AHWG!

  • As you may have seen via Facebook, Zoom and YouTube, there has been plenty of fight content still flowing forth. YouTube has turned out to be the best delivery system and you are able to watch live or consume at your own pace, three times a week! They have covered everything from good ol’ longsword to rapier and most recently, some montante. Your feedback is not only valuable, but quite appreciated, so please leave us comments or send us questions so we can better serve you during this crazy time.

  • A virtual Beginner Experience is currently being crafted that will deliver a full session for new sword hopefuls covering safety, etiquette, and, of course, WEAPONS! It will meet weekly with classes, live study sessions, and personal feedback on technique. Stay tuned for more as this develops so you can help spread the word to those looking to join the sword obsessed fold.

We aim to keep on chugging ahead with creating sword training content to keep you training while we are all away from each other. We certainly miss hitting you all with swords and can’t wait to get back at it. Until then, be safe!

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