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Let There Be Space!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Once upon a time…

It is a tried and true method of starting a story. This story is full of hearts, swords, and lots of purple. So here we go…

Once upon a time, there was a group of folks in a park swinging swords. They had some ups and downs (weather being a big one), but they persisted. Over time they got a bit more serious, digging into texts and starting to find (wait for it) STRUCTURE. It wasn’t long before those pesky forces of nature made our brave HEMA fighters yearn for a place to practice out of the elements. What followed was a bit of a Goldilocks style trying out of spaces, but they were too small or...too small and while they all kept the rain at bay, the fearless warriors sought out something that would be just right. That came in the form of Crossfit City Limits. Here the Austin Historical Weapons Guild truly started to come into its own within a welcoming space that allowed it to flourish. As it happens with any younger sibling, however, AHWG started to need more and more space as the sword fam got bigger with an ever-increasing number of eager HEMA enthusiasts. This was a difficult task. The needs were no longer just keeping the rain off fear and faces, but finding a space that would suit what AHWG had become. A school. Well, dear readers, it’s happened. That space has been found.

Feast your eyes! A giant classroom with HIGH ceilings for all the intense oberhau cuts you could want. A second room for ringen! It’s like the luxury of having a closet JUST for your shoes! Or ya know...swords. There will be a lounge with a reading nook for all those fighting manuals you want to pour over as well as a spot to flop on a couch for deep discussions about technique. There are plans to make use of the open space for movie nights, game nights, and sword school functions. All the fun! And get has ALL THE AIR CONDITIONING. Let that sink in. If that isn’t a happy ending, I don’t know what is. All this fabulousness can be yours in early October when we pick up and move to new digs! Expect grand opening details to be plastered across social media as we get closer.

This is a proud moment for so many reasons. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication that created AHWG in the first place, but it’s a shining moment for the word community. The HEMA community in Austin (and beyond) has helped this venture grow into what it is today. Without dedicated students, supportive fellow school operators, or generous friends, this school wouldn’t be where it is. This is a celebration of all of that.

So there it is. Five years of work, dreaming, and determination all coming together in a new, beautiful space where we can all swing swords for a long time to come.

Thank you to everyone past and present who helped make this a reality.

We can’t wait for what the future holds.

Instead of the usual sign off for fairy tales, we shall instead opt for a more optimistic one and say…

The best is yet to come.

HEMA on, Wayne.

HEMA on, Garth.

- The Fearless Nymph

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