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HEMA Fun Day!

A little bit of silly fun with all the HEMA related activity fun you could want! Dazzle your friends with your coloring talents! (Please post pictures of your artistic masterpieces!) Tackle the wordsmith wonders of our crossword puzzle! Hunt down all the HEMA words in our word search and finally, challenge yourself with the perilous maze!


This poor sword fighter is sad he is so plain. Color him in to add some pizzazz and flair to his life, but be sure to feature purple heavily.

So many clues! So many vocabulary words! Such wow. Big fun. So neat.

Gotta find them all! They could be frontwards! Or Backwards! So exciting!

Who knew that cowboys could get stuck in mazes? Better help him find his way from Austin to the Purple Heart Open happening August 23rd through 25th in Houston.

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