Austin Historical Weapons Guild (AHWG) is Austin's premier Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) School.  It was founded in 2016 by Anthony Buonomo who had the fantastic idea that learning how to hit one another with swords (among other weapons) was the best use of his time.  What started as a humble park gathering of like-minded sword nerds has now flourished into a thriving community.

The focus of training at AHWG is firmly rooted in the concept that to be a well-rounded fighter, you should have a baseline familiarity in multiple weapon systems.  Through learning the structure of wrestling, dagger, longsword, and single sword, it's our belief that students will be more versatile and proficient in their training.  In addition to the basics listed above, we also run classes focusing on single weapons such as rapier and sword and buckler.

Before one can jump into taking the specialized classes, there is a six-week Beginner Course to complete with runs every few months.  In this series of lessons, students are introduced to the basics of safety, technique, and fight concepts for ringen (wrestling), dagger, longsword, and single sword.  After that, students are invited to jump into weekly classes and open mats where they are permitted to spar with fellow students.  There are even monthly in house tournaments meant to let people get tournament-style fighting in a supportive, coached environment.

While the end goal for some might be to take what they learn at AHWG to the tournament ring, training to fight competitively, while supported fully, isn't all we offer.  The classes are suited for those of various ages (kids programs are separate and coming soon) and body types.  We encourage people to come to HEMA for exercise, for fun, and for knowledge.  By creating an inclusive space allowing all varied kinds of students to participate, we grow a stronger and more diverse community.

For more information about what HEMA is and the resources we use, see our HEMA page.


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