So you've got an aspiring sword fighter...

During this six-week Virtual introduction to Historical European Martial Arts, your child will:

  • Get their own trainers for the weapons covered in their course that are theirs to keep!

  • Learn the basics of various weapon systems including safety, etiquette, and strong technique.

$150 for Six Weeks of Class

Kids (6-9 years of Age)

  • Dagger

  • Longsword

  • Single Sword

Pre-Teen/Teen (10 -14 years of Age)

  • Dagger

  • Longsword

  • Single Sword

  • Rapier

How does it work?

  • Find a session you'd like to sign up for HERE

  • If you are local, the week before your class you may arrange a pick up of your weapons from our school or have them shipped for a fee based on location.

  • Each Monday a link for that week's class will be emailed.

  • Students will watch the class and then upload their homework video to our secure DropBox server.

  • Their instructor will view their homework and send a link to their personalized feedback video.

  • Each week there will be a live Q&A session over Zoom for students to ask questions and share their love of sword fighting!

  • We encourage parents/guardians to engage in this class with their kids and we, in fact, require a technology waiver to be signed that states parents/guardians will be present for homework filming and navigate the necessary technology for their child's participation.

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