We are now offering both virtual and in-person classes! 


Read below for some information on how it will all work!  You can also peruse our CALENDAR then head on over to BOOK your classes through Gym Master.

Scroll down to see a breakdown of our Vitual and In-Person classes!


historic steel  longsword with a leather
French battle sword (rapier) from the ti
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There is a heavy focus on the German Kunst des Fechtens tradition (KdF) in this class. Though we  draw heavily from Lichtenauer training, we still explore the basic concepts covered in the mixed weapons classes and how they apply to the longsword weapon system


"The Art of Dueling" by Fabris is the base for our study of this Italian martial art.  It can be used alone, with dagger, or even with a cloak.  Footwork, body positions, and timing are focused on in this fighting system.

Sword & Buckler

Walpurgis Fechtbook is one of the earliest manuscripts currently available which is also known as MS I.33. In this class, students focus on how to defend their sword hand with the buckler as well as the basics of sieges and wards.


There are many approaches to singlesword work in HEMA, but we take a great deal of our training from the dussack technique laid out by Meyer.  There is much attention paid to proper cutting structure, timing, and parrying.


- Sign up for the Beginner's Course and you will receive your very own trainers to keep!

- Each week, an instructional video will be released on Monday. These will be shared through DropBox - no DropBox membership required.

- Homework will be assigned - turn in assigned homework by Thursday. You'll receive a personalized feedback video by Sunday offering corrections and insight on things you can do to improve, or next steps to take with the drills.

- Live Q&A session on Sunday, to touch base and further steps and input.


- Classes will meet in our new Burnet Rd location on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 7 pm to 9 pm then Saturdays from 11:30-1:30 pm.

(one-hour class, one-hour open mat)


-Beginner Courses on Thursdays from 7 pm to

8 pm with optional 30 minutes of practice and/or Q&A with instructors.

- Classes will be $25 or you can purchase a punchcard or 4 for $75! Or ask us about a monthly membership by emailing us HERE.


- These classes will have a MAX of 6 students. You will need to sign up for your first-come, first-serve spot each week in GymMaster. You can pay for each class individually or purchase a punchcard, but still must secure your spot each week.

- All participants will need to be masked the entire time. If you don't feel well, stay home. Your class cost can be credited to your account for when you feel better.

- We encourage you to coordinate ahead of time and attend with a drilling partner. If you can't find a partner, you are also welcome to drill with another student you choose the day of. As always, we want to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, so you are welcome to drill solo as well.

**Class Prerequisites: In order to sign up for either the In-Person or the Virtual Classes, you must have completed the Austin Historical Weapons Guild Beginner Course or be able to demonstrate an equivocal understanding of technique, safety, and etiquette. To do the latter, please email us at historicalweaponsguild@gmail.com to have a consultation with an instructor.

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