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Take a look below at the weapon systems we teach in our space to see what you might want to pursue.  Then check out out calendar to see when you can join us and train!

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This technique class will dig into the practical technique of footwork, timing, and distance for application to training and sparring situations.

A study in HEMA

This guided historical study class happens every other Saturday from 11:30am to 12:30pm.  Students will do practical drills/plays while delving into sources first hand.

At the end of every month (pretty much) students can participate in tournaments for experience in the ring, judging, and just plain fun.

HEMA FOUndations




There is a heavy focus on the German Kunst des Fechtens tradition (KdF) in this class. Though we  draw heavily from Lichtenauer training, we still explore the basic concepts covered in the mixed weapons classes and how they apply to the longsword weapon system


"The Art of Dueling" by Fabris is the base for our study of this Italian martial art.  It can be used alone, with dagger, or even with a cloak.  Footwork, body positions, and timing are focused on in this fighting system.

Sword & Buckler

Walpurgis Fechtbook is one of the earliest manuscripts currently available which is also known as MS I.33. In this class, students focus on how to defend their sword hand with the buckler as well as the basics of sieges and wards.


There are many approaches to singlesword work in HEMA, but we take a great deal of our training from the dussack technique laid out by Meyer.  There is much attention paid to proper cutting structure, timing, and parrying.

historic steel  longsword with a leather
French battle sword (rapier) from the ti
Fencing Buckler , arms and armor.jpg


There are many approaches to Messer work in HEMA, but we take a great deal of our training from the dussack technique laid out by Meyer then expand to other sources.  Cutting, footwork, and grappling are all a part of this weapon system.


This is a large weapon that was mostly used for crowd control rather than traditional bind work you see in other forms.  We run workshops occasion as well as feature it in our rotating weapon focus class.


Ringen or wrestling is at the basis of all fighting.  It teaches structure as well as opens up grappling techniques most often found in dagger, singlesword work, and longsword.  We pull from Meyer, 


"Swing dancing with daggers"

That is a good description as any of the kind of quick paced, more often than not full contact feeling that comes with dagger fighting.  We like to start with Meyer then expand to other sources to explore technique.