This is your first step to learning to swordfight with us at Austin Historical Weapons Guild.  During the six-week beginner's students are introduced to the basics of sword fighting with multiple weapons, class etiquette, and safety protocols. 


Due to the COVID-19, we will be enforcing our safety policies which can be seen to the right.


 Students will be able to experience longsword, single-sword, dagger, and rapier with provided practice weapons that are theirs to keep for at-home training. 


For more information please read more fully about our Beginner Course HERE


These are our COVID guidelines for in-person classes and sparring.

  • A mask must be worn at ALL TIMES.

  • Each student will have the required gear laid out in their own training area.

  • All gear will be sanitized immediately before and after all classes.

  • Used gear will be placed in a tub marked Used to be sanitized.

  • Please respect others' choices to not engage in drilling and/or sparring.

  • Please stay home if you feel unwell in any way.  Let's protect ourselves and each other through careful practices.


How do I get started with your school?

You would start with our virtual or in-person six-week Beginner Course.

Do I need my own Equipment?

You sure don't.  The school provides all you need to train including weapons, masks, jackets, and anything else. Beginners also get home trainers to keep.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, athletic clothing that is suited for a wide range of motion.  Closed-toe shoes are required.

When am I allowed to spar?

Once you have completed the six-week beginner's course, you are welcome to safely spar during open mat time and in-house tournaments.  Due to COVID, this will be masked at all times.

Burnet Business Park
9705 Burnet Rd #210, Austin, TX 78758