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We offer In-Person & Virtual classes! 


You can click HERE to see our schedule and rates information

You can also register on our booking software TeamUp!

Click on a button below to read more about what we offer!


- Sign up for the Beginner's Course and you will receive your very own trainers to keep!

- Each week, an instructional video will be released on Monday. These will be shared through DropBox - no DropBox membership required.

- Homework will be assigned - turn in assigned homework by Thursday. You'll receive a personalized feedback video by Sunday offering corrections and insight on things you can do to improve, or next steps to take with the drills.

- Live Q&A session on Sunday, to touch base and further steps and input.


In-Person Classes

-  There are many focused weapon classes to choose from you can joins us for after you finish the Beginner Course.  There are also complimentary training courses such as Ballet, A Study in HEMA, and HEAM Rinse Repeat!


-  Memberships are available or you can purchase classes ones at a time, depending on your training needs

-  As always, if you don't feel well, stay home. Your class cost can be credited to your account for when you feel better.

Virtual Classes

**Class Prerequisites: In order to sign up for either the In-Person or the Virtual Classes, you must have completed the Austin Historical Weapons Guild Beginner Course or be able to demonstrate an equivocal understanding of technique, safety, and etiquette. To do the latter, please email us at to have a consultation with an instructor.

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