There is a class with a heavy focus on the German Kunst des Fechtens tradition (KdF).  We draw heavily from Lichtenauer training though we still explore the basic concepts covered in the mixed weapons classes just how they apply to longsword weapon system


This class picks up where the Beginner's Course left off. Each class will touch on two or three different weapons systems such as ringen, dagger, single sword, and longsword. The class will teach the basics of combat including, but not limited to footwork, timing, and distance.


Walpurgis Fechtbook is one of the earliest manuscripts currently available which is also known as MS I.33. In this class, students focus on two handed to defend their sword hand with the buckler as well as the basics of sieges and wards.


There are many approaches to singlesword work in HEMA, but we take a great deal of our training from the dussack technique laid out by Meyer.  There is much attention paid to proper cutting structure, timing, and parrying.


Wrestling should be at the core of any fighting system, so we take the time to train it as well as incorporate it into our other practices. Mostly we draw from a manuscript written by Ott Jud though we supplement these unarmed techniques by applying Dagger plays described by Joachim Meyer from the Art of Combat.


"The Art of Dueling" by Fabris is the base for our study of this Italian martial art.  It can be used alone, with dagger, or even with a cloak.  Footwork, body positions, and timing are focused on in this fighting system.

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