Learn to Fight!

Join us for a Virtual or In-Person Beginner's Course!

At the end of this course, students will be qualified to take part in our regular classes at the Austin Historical Weapons Guild as well as open sparring.  Students are encouraged to reach out to their instructor with questions or concerns at any time during the length of the class.  If a student should like more instruction along the way, they may purchase a package that includes a private lesson or add them à la carte.  This class is designed to appeal to the solo practitioner as well as those with pandemic training buddies.  Students will learn the basics of longsword, dagger, rapier, and single sword techniques that will prepare them for the exciting world of sword fighting!

What's included for both Virtual and In-Person:

  • A longsword trainer from Purple Heart Armory

  • A training dagger

  • A training rapier 

  • A training single sword 

  • A study guide and notebook

For In-Person Classes each week you will:

  • Meet at our new space (9705 Burnet Rd, Suite 210)

  • Follow our Covid Guidelines which you can find HERE

For Virtual Classes each week you will:

  • A 20 minute socially distanced in-person intro lesson and materials pick up or online if you are non-local with materials shipped to you.

  • Watch a fresh training video

  • Upload a homework video to a secure dropbox then receive personalized feedback/corrections.

  • Participate in a live class discussion for technique tips and Q&A

Open to non-local participants with an added cost for shipping & handling.  Please contact us for exact pricing based on your location.


Basic Package

Cost: $175 

Register HERE 

Further Study Package

Cost: $225     

Register HERE 

What's included:

  • Everything that's listed above as well as One hour-long virtual or in-person private lesson.

À la carte Add On Private Lesson

Cost: $60 for one (one hour)



Burnet Business Park
9705 Burnet Rd #210, Austin, TX 78758